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“CÚAB: A Frame of Mind”

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                  “CÚAB: A FRAME OF MIND” is about what happens when one ‘not-so-hot’ world view is defeated –at a certain time and place—by another one, more ruthless and intransigent.  It is about a ‘frame’, as in a perspective or posture; but also a ‘framing’, as when something –or someone– is boxed in and cut off from everything.  It is a ‘Ying and Yang’.  It is something that deals with History in a specific circumstance, yet something that addresses the history of History –like a warped ‘Twilight Zone’.

“CÚAB: A FRAME OF MIND” addresses the dialogue in the world today, and shows the horrors that can happen by not coming up with the right answers.  Then, it puts the ‘ball’ right in your ‘court’: …Because, “To witness a crime in silence, is to commit it…”  [José Martí]



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