Work Wanted


  • This is a free service to Coservative Individuals and Companies only –to help during these hard times…
  • WORKERS: If you are desperately in need of work and are willing to do anything –legal– to make a couple of bucks, leave your name, email, cellphone, zipcode. List your specialty, if any; but also all past work experience. Age, Sex and Handicaps are not necessary, but often helpful. Do you have transportation?

    POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS: Post company & zipcode.; contact person’s name, email, cellphone, List job requirements, duration and pay.

    RallyForce will try to get you together!


    3 Responses to Work Wanted

    1. rallyforce says:

      Any future job possibilities for an impeached ex-president? –B. Obama

    2. rallyforce says:

      JEFF WOLVERTON has contacted RallyForce to announce his service of non-partisan seminars to groups and grassroots organizations across Texas, to help them better learn exactly how our state process works, and how they can more effectively get involved! The following information and more is covered:
      · Detailed look at the committee process.
      · Calendars system in both the House and Senate.
      · How to track legislation important to you.
      · Budget overview and forecast for the 2011 session.
      · Brief history of the Texas capitol building.
      · Texas Constitution and how it dictates the process.
      Jeff isoffering the seminars for $10 per person for the remainder of September up until Friday, October 8, 2010. After Oct. 8th, the prices return to the regular $25 ($20 for senior citizens and veterans). If your group can’t meet before October 8th, he will be happy to work with you on more flexible pricing!
      These informative seminars accurately portray how our state legislature functions. Jeff also provides a consolidated resources sheet to each person who takes the seminar. He is happy to travel and meet with your group!
      Contact:; 512-939-0286

    3. rallyforce says:

      Lt.Col. (Ret.) CHRISTOPHER HATLEY, has written “Provide for the Common Defence”, a frightening, fact-filled book on Border Security –or the lack of it…! Chris is also a stirring speaker, and he is available to speak to your group –for free in many cases! Contact:

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