RALLYFORCE is a coalition of conservatives that are dedicated to confronting Totalitarian attempts toward power by the extreme Left –or Right.

We believe that it is not “Left” vs “Right” but Totalitarianism vs Personal Liberty. And it is not a continuum, but a circle: The top half of this circle holds the belief in a constitutional republic with individual freedom and responsibility, and supports it via democratic action according to the law. The bottom half desires blind, totalitarian obedience and uses whatever means possible to achieve it.

It is because of the inherent dangers in opposing Totalitarianism that RALLYFORCE has been formed: so that we can confront the Totalitarians in the most organized, united, safe, and effective ways possible.

We support and work with almost all local & national Tea Parties, plus many other national initiatives. Sector leaders will come from these organizations: we will lead by committee of these leaders. We hope to be a catalyst group instead of ‘just another group’  –working with and for participating organizations, rather than trying to be the center of attraction (like a few organizations and individuals are starting to do)…                            You, the participating individuals and organizations, will decide –by your vote and your volunteering– which initiatives we will participate in, and which we will not.

Neither are we looking to build up huge mailing lists. You can join us directly, or you can select a representative from your conservative organization to exchange information with us. Those representing each group will be responsible for its performance. [We have established rules of engagement, agreed upon by the majority, which must be followed unswervingly at certain rallies].

Last, we want to help fellow conservatives who need to work, need work done, wish to trade, or are small businesses that could use a ‘plug’.  All advertisements are free.

If you know of others that wish to join us, please have them contact RALLYFORCE@gmail.com.

We especially welcome first and the second generation Americans, who love our country and cherish its values –such as:  the respect for individual liberty, individual responsibility, and the law.  Who knows better than many foreign-born Americans what we can lose if Totalitarianism prevails?! Enrique is organizing such people via Norteamericanos Unidos. N/U will be very important in confrontations with supporters of unconditional amnesty and illegal immigration. If you are a legal immigrant, living in North America, who ‘paid your dues’ to join this great amalgam called the United States of America, and wish to join N/U, please contact Enrique at: Norteamericanos.Unidos@gmail.com.

If, on the other hand, you do not wish to participate with us, nor receive periodic updates and messages, likewise contact us at RALLYFORCE@gmail.com. You will be immediately taken off our mailing list.



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  1. Graciela Sanchez says:

    I love your program. Just wonder how many will come out from under their ‘never-never’ rock to join in….

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