WE’RE GETTING PUSHED AROUND AS A PEOPLE                                                                                        –not only on the international scene, but within our own country:

>Border Patrol troopers have been killed during “Fast and Furious”.

>Unarmed US soldiers have been murdered in cold blood at Fort Hood.

>Our ambassador and some very good men were massacred in Benghazi.

>Our police officers are ambushed and killed or wounded all over the country.

>Violent riots kill and hurt people, destroy property, shut down free speech.

>Radicals refuse to honor our flag, often trampling and burning it.

>Throughout the country innocent citizens are being shot, stabbed, run over.

We are being attacked on all sides by radical Muslims, Illegal Aliens, Drug Cartels and  –worse!—our own home-grown anarchists.

And instead of protecting us, ‘our’ Government (we use the term loosely) spies on us, controls us, protects and makes excuses for the radicals –and more!

RallyForce has a simple question:

     Where the CARAJO is the RAGE, America?  [Forgive the Cuban Spanish].  We should be out there on the streets right now: protesting not only these travesties, but Obamacare, UN Arms Control Treaty, Agenda 21, Porous Borders and so much more.  Not violent protests.  But Angry Protests!

Or: has the ‘salt’ lost its ‘salt-ness’…?

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